Template:Spoilerstart The episode starts in the cafeteria as Carmen and Alan are baby-talking and feeding each other. As Alan eats a noodle, Gumball gets grossed out as he sees and starts yelling at the couple that they're "too perfect". Other students agree, and declare they are getting sick of the couple. Soon Gumball regrets having said such things about them.

Later, Gumball apologizes to Carmen, who mistakes that for wanting to help. Reluctantly he goes along with her plan to reunite with Alan. He awkwardly makes romantic advances upon request, while Darwin distracts Penny. Gumball tries to get out of kissing Carmen, when a runway basketball accidentally knocks his face onto hers. Everybody is shocked, and Alan, who has been watching the whole time, just floats away. The students then angrily scorn Gumball for breaking Carmen and Alan up.

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