The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin discussing Principal Brown's calling of them to his office. Immediately assuming the worst, Gumball screams at him in a socio-analytical rant describing how he and Darwin are victims of their corrupt society. He finishes his rant only to find out that Principal Brown just wanted them to show Sarah, a new transfer student, around the school. While introducing Sarah to several parts of the school, she mentions rumors at her old school relating to how "hardcore" Elmore Junior High was rumored to be. Gumball and Darwin become cocky for a short period of time after hearing her statement, but soon Darwin faces the facts and tells Sarah the truth—that, in fact, Elmore Junior High is not hardcore at all.

After school, Gumball and Darwin are approached by Carlton and Troy, Richwood High students drawn and animated in a manner similar and possibly parodying late 60s cartoons, who challenge them to a fight on the basis that they heard discussion that Gumball and Darwin thought they were hardcore. Gumball and Darwin, unimpressed and confused by the Richwood High students' reasons for a fight, simply turn and walk away. Sarah catches up with them and tells them that the Carlton and Troy's father was a powerful man and that walking away was a bad move. Gumball realizes Sarah's transfer to Elmore Junior High was the root of this problem and orders her to stay far away from him and Darwin. Despite this, Sarah continues to follow the boys, all the way home.

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