Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with a musical number introducing all the talking objects of Elmore and their purposes.

In the first segment, we see The Sun, Earth and The Moon just as the day begins. The Moon and Earth reenact the opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey, which gets on The Sun's nerves because it's the same thing they do every morning.

In the Watterson kids' bedroom, the lightswitch is constantly annoying a light bulb by turning him off and on. The lightbulb disappears and the lightswitch starts to panic, thinking he has damaged the light bulb, only then does the light bulb come back and reveal it was just a prank.

On a toilet bowl, an army of bacteria sing a chant about multiplying and taking over the world, only for Rocky to unknowingly destroy them all with disinfectant spray.

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